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#1 in Germany

for hands-on Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and MS Teams
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23 years and 16,000+ satisfied customers speak for themselves!

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Office Add-Ins, Outlook Plugins, Exchange Add-Ins, Teams Add-Ons

The IT service provider Gangl offers self-developed Microsoft Office Add-Ins for download - for example Outlook Add-Ins and Outlook Plugins -, so that especially users in companies but also in ministries and authorities can perform certain tasks directly in the open main software, such as Outlook. for example, can carry out certain tasks - to increase the efficiency of the workflows.

In addition to Outlook add-ins and Outlook plug-ins, the following also belong to the product range Exchange Add-Ins and MS Teams Add-Ons to the Gangl product range. Gangl offers its practice-oriented Add-Ins in particular for the widely used Microsoft software Office, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Exchange Server and Exchange Online as downloadable solutions.

  • Outlook
  • Office
  • Exchange

What is the difference of plugin, add-in and add-on?

For example, if you are looking for a Microsoft Office Add-In, an Add-In for Outlook or any other add-in for Microsoft software, you will often come across terms such as Plugin, for example Outlook Plugin, or Add-Ons, for example Microsoft Teams Add-Ons. But what is the difference between Plugin, Add-In and Add-On and what is the difference between the spelling of plug-in, add-in and add-on?

Add-In Definition

First of all, the definition of an add-in: Add-ins are small computer programs - also called mini-applications - that are integrated in a a larger computer program (main application), for which the add-ins were Add-Ins were specifically developed, additional functions provide (extensions) or integrate certain services or tools (integrations). (integrations). Such add-ins are developed by the manufacturer of the main program itself or by third-party providers. An add-in is usually not included in the included in the standard delivery of the main software, but can be be added to the main software by the user or administrator. added to it by the user or administrator.

Add-ins do not normally function independently, i.e. without the main software. normally do not work. The installation of an add-in takes place on computer (for example, on a desktop), on a server or in the cloud. server or in the cloud. There are both free and paid paid add-ins.

Meaning of Add-Ins

And what is the meaning of add-ins, if you had to translate this term translate this term? The term "add" comes from the English language and means "to add". The English term "in" also means "in" in German "in". So basically it is an "addition in something", in this case the addition of an additional additional software in a main program.


The terms plug-in, add-on, app, extension, and integration are are or were often used synonymously with the term add-in. The software development company Microsoft initially used the term "apps for Office" for its Office extensions, for example initially used the term "Apps for Office", for example in Outlook 2013. Since Outlook 2016, so also in Outlook 2019, Outlook 2021, Outlook for Office 365 and Outlook for Microsoft 365, Microsoft calls these Microsoft calls these extensions "Office add-ins". The reason for this name change is that Microsoft uses the term "Office apps" for the downloadable versions of its programs such as Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint, for example, from Apple's App Store, from the Google Play Store or from the Microsoft Store.


As for the spelling of the names of these tools, you will sometimes find the versions with a hyphen, i.e. plug-in, add-on and add-in, but also the versions without hyphen without hyphen: Plugin, Addon and Addin. In addition one can say, that the hyphenated spelling is actually the original spelling. is the original spelling, but the hyphen is abandoned with the is abandoned with time, Outlook Add-Ins then become Outlook Addins. In addition in particular with Microsoft the hyphenated spelling of the two words connected by the hyphen is capitalized. words connected by this hyphen are written in capital letters, so Plug-In instead of Plug-in, Add-In instead of Add-in and Add-On instead of add-on.

List of Microsoft add-ins

Among others, the following Microsoft add-ins can be distinguished according to the main software or the software to be integrated, as can be seen from the following list:

  • Office Add-Ins
    • Outlook Add-Ins (Outlook Plugins)
    • Access Web Apps Add-Ins
    • Word Add-Ins
    • Excel Add-Ins
    • Project Add-Ins
    • PowerPoint Add-Ins
    • SharePoint Add-Ins
    • MS Teams Add-Ins
  • Exchange Add-Ins

A certain number of add-ins can be found in the Office Store for download and install. But you can also add add-ins from from a URL to the respective program or as a file. Furthermore you can install Add-Ins by executing an installation file, as is the case with the Gangl add-ins, which are which are available for download as a file from the Gangl website or on download from the Gangl website or are provided on request via a download link. on request.

The name of an Add-In contains partially the name of the software for which it was programmed, the name of the service or tool to be service or tool to be integrated and/or the name of the function to be the name of the function to be extended and/or the name of the problem solution.


Standard solutions

Gangl offers various standard solutions as add-ins for different Microsoft products or MS platforms on Windows basis, which Gangl offers which Gangl offers for download to all interested parties. The prices usually depend on the number of licenses required by the customer. customer, although there are also add-ins with unlimited corporate company licenses as well as freeware add-ins.

Office Add-Ins

Besides Outlook, Microsoft's Office package includes many other programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Teams. Therefore, the term Office Add-Ins includes more than just Outlook extensions.

If you are looking for an Office add-in for the Microsoft platform Microsoft 365 or Office 365, you can find various solutions at Gangl. Microsoft 365 has largely replaced Office 365 as a designation, although Office 365 is still used for certain tariffs. An example of an Office add-in or Office 365 add-in or Microsoft 365 add-in is the following, whereby basically all Outlook add-ins can also be classified as Office add-ins, since Outlook is a part of Office:

  • Address Transfer Add-in for transferring addresses from Outlook to Word

Outlook Add-Ins (Outlook Plugins)

Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins, also known to many as Microsoft Outlook Plugins, can be used to solve a wide variety of problems, extend functionality and optimize workflows when using Microsoft's Outlook email service. The integration of other services and tools is also possible via an Outlook add-in. As already mentioned above, Microsoft still called these program extensions and integrations "Apps for Outlook" in Outlook 2013, then "Outlook Add-Ins" as of Outlook 2016.

The advantage of using add-ins in Outlook is that you no longer have to leave Microsoft's e-mail service, with which you can receive and manage e-mails, if you integrate the desired functions, tools or services directly in Outlook via add-ins and can use them there.

Gangl offers Outlook add-ins/Outlook plug-ins or Office add-ins for Outlook as a standard solution to all interested parties, which usually include SMEs, corporations, ministries, authorities, courts, schools, universities, foundations and associations.

The five best Outlook add-ins

The best Outlook add-ins from "Gangl Services" measured by number of users are the following:

  1. OLXCorporate - Manage e-mail signatures centrally
  2. Cat - Unified Outlook/365 Categories Across the Enterprise
  3. Team - Outlook in Team/Network Rohne Exchange Server
  4. OLXMail - Personalized serial mail & newsletter tool
  5. Workflow (Vacation) - Vacation Management for Outlook/Exchange/365


Outlook Add-In Overview

The following Outlook add-ins are offered for download by Gangl:

  • Outlook add-in for disclaimers
  • Add-ins for email signatures for Outlook (email signature software/email signature manager), signature solutions also for Office 365 signatures and Microsoft 365 signatures
  • Add-ins for Outlook team use and synchronization (without Exchange server)
  • Backup add-ins for Outlook (e.g. long-term archiving of e-mails)
  • Mailbox management add-in
  • Antispam add-in (blacklist, whitelist)
  • Additional info add-ins
  • Outlook Category Add-In
  • Compression add-ins for Outlook
  • Reminder Add-In
  • Newsletter Add-In for Outlook
  • Outlook add-in for searching in user-defined fields
  • Reservation Add-In for Outlook
  • Sender Add-In
  • Addin for DSGVO-compliant Outlook mail dispatch
  • Outlook SMS Add-In
  • Business trip management add-in
  • Vacation Management Add-in for Outlook

Exchange Add-Ins

Gangl also offers Microsoft Exchange Server add-ins, with compatibilities ranging from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2019, and can include Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online.

Exchange add-ins include the following:

  • Absence tool with group calendar add-in
  • Absence tool with group calendar add-in
  • Add-in for reminders across folders
  • Calendar Export Add-In
  • Calendar Import Add-In
  • Phone and Address Directory Add-in
  • Contact Import Add-In
  • Add-in for visualization of company contacts in the environment
  • Add-in for creating maps based on your own contacts
  • Email Delay Add-In
  • Disclaimers Add-In
  • Email Signature Add-In
  • Email Reprocessing Add-In
  • Backup add-ins for Exchange
  • Attachment Archiving Add-in
  • Add-in for archiving Exchange folders to the FileSystem (MSG)
  • Add-in for archiving Exchange mailboxes (SQL)
  • Add-in for real-time transfer of Exchange folders or GAL
  • Mail Monitoring Add-Ins
  • Email Forwarding Add-in
  • Exchange app for access to public folders and other mailboxes (smartphone compatibility: iPhone/iOS, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone; tablet; desktop).
  • Notification add-in regarding unfinished tasks/unread messages
  • Reporting add-in regarding unfinished tasks
  • Add-in for time-controlled activation/deactivation of the Out of Office Assistant
  • Add-in for automatic printing of messages, faxes, PDFs
  • Rule Wizard Add-In
  • Storage Statistics Add-In

Individual solutions

In addition to the standard solutions already developed by Gangl, Gangl also offers also offers individual developments as solutions. If you for example a "Zoom Outlook Plugin" tailored to your needs, we can develop such an we can develop such a "Zoom Outlook Add-In" for you. develop. If the "Zoom Outlook Plugin" to be created by us can also be useful can be useful for other users, we also offer the possibility to offer the possibility to share 50 percent of the development costs. of the development costs. Once the development is completed and the add-in is completed, not only you will be able to use it, but we will also be able to make this "Zoom Outlook Plugin" available for download to other interested parties. interested parties.

Open for cost sharing projects

In the context of such 50:50 cost sharing projects we can of course also develop other add-ins/plugins together. One could think of among others the following add-ins/plugins:ud. There are both free as well as paid add-ins.

  • MS Teams add-ins (such as a Teams Outlook add-in)
  • Migration add-ins from Exchange to Office 365
  • Webex Outlook Plugin/Webex Outlook Add-In
  • Gotomeeting Outlook Plugin
  • Salesforce Outlook Plugin
  • Atlcom Outlook Addin
  • Hubspot Outlook Plugin/Hubspot Outlook Add-In
  • and more (we are open for your concerns)

Install add-in

For example, if you want to install an Outlook add-in, the add-in installation depends on whether the the add-in installation depends on whether the add-in is added from the Microsoft Office Store, from a URL, or from a file. file. However, for the installation of an Outlook add-in, in many the e-mail administrator/IT administrator of the respective company or of the responsible for the installation of an Outlook add-in or institution, usually an employee from the IT department or an IT department or an employee from the helpdesk or an employee of a employee from a managed services provider (MSP).

Install add-in through installation file

If you want to install a Microsoft Add-In from Gangl, you have to execute the corresponding installation file - depending on the Add-In a server-side installation or a client-side installation is possible. installation is possible. Sometimes both installation installation options are given, i.e. both the server-side installation and the installation as well as the client-side installation.

Install add-in from Outlook

However, there are also many add-ins that can be installed from the main main program, such as Outlook. To install an an Outlook add-in from Outlook, you have to go to the menu to the File" button in the menu, then "Manage Add-Ins" or "Manage Apps". and "Manage apps" respectively. If these buttons are buttons "Manage Add-Ins" or "Manage Apps" are not displayed, you must buttons are not displayed, you must contact your email administrator/IT administrator. Otherwise the installation of the add-in differs according to its origin as follows as follows:

  1. Add add-in installation from URL
  2. Add-in installation from file
  3. Add-in installation from the Office Store

If you want to install an add-in from the Microsoft Office Store, you are limited to those add-ins that are available in the Office Store. If you want to install such an Office Store add-in from Outlook, you have to proceed as follows:

Click on "Start" in the Outlook menu ribbon and then on "Get Add-Ins". On the "Add-Ins for Outlook" page, select the "All" option and search the list for the desired add-in; alternatively, you can also search for the desired add-in via the search field by entering the name of the add-in or suitable terms there Before installing or activating the desired add-in, you should read the add-in's privacy policy. Free add-ins must be activated by clicking on the "Add" button or by activating them using the respective toggle switch; add-ins that are subject to a charge must be "retrieved" and thus purchased

Using the Outlook add-ins

If you want to use an Outlook add-in, you can access it via the add-in bar above the text of the received e-mail, provided that there is data in the respective e-mail that links to the add-in.

When writing an e-mail, one can access the activated add-ins by calling up the "Message" ribbon.

And finally, the activated add-ins can be accessed even when only the main Outlook window is open, also via the ribbon.


Manage add-ins

Add-ins can also be managed in the respective Microsoft main program, for example in the case of an Outlook add-in within Outlook. In the case of Outlook, you simply have to click on the "File" button and then on "Manage Add-Ins" or "Manage Apps". It may happen that one is asked to log in. In this case, you have to enter the data (e-mail address and password) that you also enter when logging in to use the Office programs.

You can use the following functions in the Outlook Add-In Management:

  • Uninstall Outlook Add-In: If you want to uninstall an add-in, you have to select it in the list and then remove it from the toolbar.
  • Deactivate Add-In: Instead of uninstalling an Outlook add-in, for example, you can deactivate add-ins that are already installed and reactivate them at a later opportunity. Again, if the "Manage Add-Ins" or "Manage Apps" button is not displayed, only the administrator can activate the add-in or app for Outlook.
  • Find add-ins in the Office Store: There is also a link to the Office Store in Outlook Add-In Management, which takes you to Microsoft's Office Store and lets you select more add-ins for Outlook.
  • Show information about add-in: If you want more information about a particular add-in, you just need to select it in the list. After that, more details about the add-in will appear, such as the add-in manufacturer, the add-in version and a description of the add-in.

Gangl Services

The IT service provider Gangl Dienstleistungen offers, in addition to the download of its add-ins, the IT service provider Gangl Dienstleistungen offers many other services around the software and solutions.

Free installation and configuration

In addition to consulting and presentation, Gangl's services also include the installation and configuration of the Microsoft add-ins free of charge.

Free updates

If you have a license for an add-in from Gangl, you will receive the updates free of charge. The previous settings remain unchanged when an update. However, if you are using Outlook 2021 or Office 365 an upgrade license may be required.

Free remote support

At Gangl, we not only focus on pre-sales support, but are also there for you after the purchase and are known by our customers for our professional for our professional after-sales support.

In particular, we offer free remote support (remote maintenance) in case of problems with our plugins/add-ins. should occur. On the one hand this is about finding the cause of the the problem, on the other hand it is about the elimination of the problem, if this is this is possible from a distance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some questions we are asked again and again, which is why we publish the answers to these frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions you are of course welcome to contact us.

What does OLX mean?

Many of our add-ins and plugins have OLX in their name. But what is OLX? This is not clear to everyone, which is why we would like to explain it briefly here. would like. OLX is an abbreviation and stands for the English term pair term pair "Outlook and Exchange" and for the German term pair term pair "Outlook and Exchange".

OLX is also a word and figurative trademark registered in the name of Gangl's founder, Thomas Gangl, registered in the German trademark register, i.e. a trademark.

Do the add-ins also work on the Mac?

Microsoft also offers Office for Mac, Outlook for Mac or for example Exchange for Mac, which are special software versions of the MS classics that were developed for Apple's macOS operating system. However, Gangl's add-ins, plug-ins and add-ons have been developed specifically for the the Windows platform, i.e. they are developed for the operating system Windows and not designed for the macOS operating system.

What is Microsoft 365?

Since April 2020, Microsoft has mostly used the name "Microsoft 365" instead of Office 365 for this offer. the term "Microsoft 365" for this offering, although the term "Office 365" will the term "Office 365" is still used to name some tariffs. is found. If you refer to the web applications of the Office software, for instance the browser-based Word or Outlook version (OWA, Outlook Web Access/Outlook Web App, today: Outlook on the Web), the term "Microsoft 365 is also referred to as "Microsoft 365 Online". Up to a certain degree apps and web applications from Microsoft 365 can also be used free of charge. free of charge.

Are there any training resources or tutorials for Gangl Add-Ins?

Gangl may provide training resources, tutorials, or documentation for its add-ins. Check the product page of the specific add-in or contact customer support for information about training materials and learning resources.

How often are Gangl add-ins updated and how do I get information about new features and improvements?

Gangl Add-Ins are updated regularly to provide new features, improvements and bug fixes. To receive information about updates and new features, subscribe to the Gangl newsletter

How can I find out about upcoming Gangl add-ins and product announcements?

To be informed about future Gangl add-ins and product announcements, subscribe to the Gangl newsletter or follow Gangl on social media. This way you will always stay up to date on news and product updates.

Can Gangl add-ins be customized or tailored to meet specific needs of my business?

In some cases, Gangl can provide customizations or tailored solutions for their add-ins. Contact Gangl customer service for information about customization and tailored solution options.

How can I report an error or problem with a Gangl Add-In?

If you experience an error or problem with a Gangl Add-In, contact Gangl Customer Service for support and troubleshooting. Be sure to provide detailed information about the problem and your system configuration to enable efficient troubleshooting.

Is there a Gangl add-in community or user forum where I can exchange information with other users?

Currently, there is no specific Gangl Add-In community or user forum. However, you can use general Microsoft Office forums or social media to interact with other users and get information about Gangl Add-Ins.

Can I return or exchange a Gangl Add-In if I am not satisfied?

Return or exchange policies for Gangl Add-Ins may vary by product. Check the return and exchange policies on the product page of the respective add-in or contact Gangl Customer Service for more information.

Is there any way to receive notifications about updates or security patches for Gangl add-ins?

To receive notifications about updates or security patches for Gangl Add-Ins, subscribe to the Gangl newsletter or follow Gangl on social media. This way you'll always stay informed about important updates and security information.

Does Gangl offer add-ins for mobile devices or tablets?

Gangl add-ins are primarily designed for the Windows platform and may not be available for mobile devices or tablets. Check the product page of each add-in for platform compatibility information.

Can Gangl Add-Ins be installed on multiple computers at the same time in my company?

Yes, Gangl Add-Ins can be installed on multiple computers in your company. However, you will need appropriate licenses for each computer. Be sure to purchase enough licenses for your entire organization to ensure proper use of the add-ins.

Does Gangl also offer customer-specific add-ins or solutions for special industries or use cases?

Gangl may be able to provide customized add-ins or solutions for specific industries or use cases. Contact Gangl Customer Service for information about customized solutions and the availability of industry-specific add-ins.

Is there any training or webinars from Gangl to learn how to use their add-ins?

Gangl may offer training or webinars to help users learn how to use their add-ins. Contact Gangl Customer Service or check the Gangl website for information about available training, webinars, or learning resources.

How can I manage my Gangl account and view my purchased add-in licenses?

To manage your Gangl account and view your purchased add-in licenses, log in to the Gangl website and navigate to the "My Account" section. Here you can manage and view your personal information, licenses and other account details.

What happens to my Gangl Add-In when I upgrade my Microsoft Office version?

When you update your Microsoft Office version, it is important to check the compatibility of your Gangl Add-In with the new Office version. In most cases, Gangl Add-Ins should be compatible with the latest Office versions. If you encounter any problems, contact Gangl Customer Service for support and information about possible solutions.

Where can I find information about Gangl's privacy policies and practices?

Information about Gangl's privacy policies and practices can be found on the Gangl website under the section "Privacy Policy". Here you can learn about Gangl's handling of your personal data and the security of your information.

Are there partnership opportunities or affiliate programs with Gangl?

Gangl may offer partnership opportunities or affiliate programs to promote and market their add-ins. Contact Gangl Customer Service or visit the Gangl website for information about partnerships and affiliate programs.

How can I contact Gangl if I have questions or problems that have not been answered in the FAQs?

If you have questions or problems that have not been answered in the FAQs, contact Gangl Customer Service using the contact information provided on the Gangl website.

How much do the add-ins for Microsoft cost?

With a few exceptions, the add-ins developed by Gangl for Microsoft software such as Office Add-Ins, Outlook Add-Ins or Exchange Add-Ins are subject to a fee. The price usually depends on the number of licenses required. But there are also Add-Ins from Gangl for which you buy an unlimited company license. Some add-ins are also provided as freeware for free use by Gangl. freeware; these freeware add-ins are listed accordingly on the Plugin Overview page accordingly as such.

What is Office 365?

In addition to an online service, "Office 365" is in particular a software subscription that includes the well-known Microsoft Office software products products from Microsoft, such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Teams and MS Exchange. programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook not only as an app on the computer, but also as a web application in the browser, without having to install the without having to install the program on your own computer. install.

What is a web add-in?

A web add-in is a web-based add-in. Such a web-based add-in does not need to be installed locally on each computer where it is to be it is to be used. Rather, a web add-in is cloud-based and must be must be deployed by the Microsoft 365 Exchange administrator or from the global administrator account of the respective company, association association, government agency or institution. institution.

A web add-in can be used for web applications as well as for desktop applications. as well as for desktop applications. There are for example Signature web add-ins, i.e. web add-ins for email signatures in Outlook - Outlook on the Web (OWA, Web App) or Outlook for Windows. Modern web add-ins replace the classic COM add-ins (COM = Component Object Model). You have to decide whether you want to use a Web-Add-In or a COM add-in. It is not possible to use both types of add-ins at the same time is not possible. Besides COM add-ins there are other types of add-ins, for example types of Add-Ins, for example the so-called Automation Add-Ins, such as for for example for MS Excel.

How do I install a Gangl Add-In on my computer?

To install a Gangl add-in on your computer, first download the installation file from the Gangl website. Run the installation file and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. After the installation is complete, the add-in should be available in your Microsoft Office application.

Are Gangl Add-Ins compatible with all Microsoft Office versions?

Gangl add-ins are usually developed and optimized for the newer Microsoft Office versions. It is important to check the system requirements and compatibility information on the product page of each add-in to make sure it works with your version of Office.

Is there a trial version for Gangl Add-Ins before I buy a license?

Some Gangl add-ins may offer a trial version that you can try before purchasing a license. Check the product page of the respective add-in to see if a trial version is available.

What payment methods are accepted for the purchase of Gangl Add-Ins?

Payment methods may vary depending on the add-in. Commonly accepted payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. For more information, see the product page of each add-in or during the checkout process.

How do I get support for my purchased Gangl Add-Ins?

For support issues related to purchased Gangl Add-Ins, you can reach customer support using the contact information provided on the Gangl website. Make sure you have your license information and a detailed description of your problem ready to get faster and more effective help.

How can I update my Gangl Add-In when a new version is available?

To update a Gangl add-in, visit the product page of the respective add-in and check if an updated version is available. Download the new version and run the installation file to update the existing add-in. Note that some updates may incur an additional fee.

What is the difference between a single license and a corporate license?

A single license entitles you to use the add-in on a single computer, while a company license allows you to use the add-in on multiple computers within a company. A company license can usually be more cost-effective if you want to use the add-in on multiple workstations.

How can I uninstall a Gangl add-in if it is no longer needed?

To uninstall a Gangl add-in, open the Control Panel of your computer, navigate to "Programs and Features" or "Apps & Features" and locate the add-in in question in the list of installed programs. Click on "Uninstall" or "Remove" and follow

Are Gangl add-ins compatible with third-party software or plugins?

The compatibility of Gangl Add-Ins with third-party software or plug-ins may vary. It is advisable to check the documentation of the specific add-in or contact Gangl Customer Service for information on compatibility with specific applications or plugins.

How secure is my data when I use Gangl Add-Ins?

Gangl places a high priority on data security and develops its add-ins to ensure the safety and security of your data. Be sure to review the privacy policy and security information of each add-in to get a better understanding of the security measures used. It is also important to always use the latest version of the add-in to make sure that all known security issues are fixed.

What are the benefits of Gangl Add-Ins for my company?

Gangl Add-Ins can increase productivity and efficiency in your company by providing additional features and customizations for Microsoft Office applications. They help automate tasks, streamline workflows and improve team collaboration.

How long does it take to receive my license after purchasing a Gangl Add-In?

After you have purchased a Gangl Add-In, you will usually receive your license information by email within a few hours. Make sure you have entered your email address correctly and also check your spam folder.

Can I transfer my Gangl Add-In license to another computer?

To transfer your Gangl Add-in license to another computer, first uninstall the Add-in on the original computer, and then install it on the new device. Use the original license information to activate the add-in on the new computer.

Are there discounts for educational institutions or non-profit organizations?

Some Gangl Add-Ins may be available at reduced prices for educational institutions or non-profit organizations. Contact Gangl Customer Service for information on special discounts and offers.

How can I submit feedback or suggestions for improvements to a Gangl Add-In?

Gangl values customer feedback and suggestions for improvement. To submit your feedback or suggestions, use the contact information provided on the Gangl website or contact customer service directly.

What are the system requirements for installing Gangl Add-Ins?

System requirements for Gangl add-ins vary depending on the add-in. Check the product page of each add-in for information on the required operating systems, Office versions, and other requirements.

Can I use multiple Gangl add-ins on my computer at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple Gangl add-ins on your computer at the same time, as long as they are compatible with each other. Be sure to check the compatibility information on the product page of each add-in.