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Reminder: The end of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is near

By Mareike Blum, (Comments: 0)

Just a quick reminder, the end of Microsoft support for Exchange Server 2013 support is on April 11, 2023.

This is approximately just over 8 months from now. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide support for the following topics regarding Exchange Server 2013:

  • Technical problems of the old Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Bug fixes for found issues that may affect system stability and usability of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Security fixes for compromise that can make the server susceptible to security breaches

Exchange Server 2013 is of course still available after the end of support, but we recommend moving from Exchange Server 2013 as soon as possible because of the risks listed. If you haven't started moving your Microsoft Exchange Server from Exchange Server 2013 to Exchange Online or Exchange Server 2019 yet, now is the time.

To continue receiving support, you can:

  • Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and/or
  • Upgrade Exchange Online

Before you migrate to Exchange Server 2019, we recommend that you verify that you have the right requirements, such as the right hardware and software tools, and the right network for Exchange. Read more in our next article or feel free to call us at +49 (7173) 929053 or send us an email: info@gangl.de.

If you are transitioning to Exchange Online, you can use Microsoft FastTrack service if needed or/and feel free to contact us. FastTrack helps make the transition as smooth as possible. Using resources, tips and tool, and guides, Microsoft helps make it easy to get acclimated to the environment. You can get more information about Microsoft FastTracker here .

P.S. We recommend you take a closer look at the following plugins regarding the upcoming Microsoft Exchange migration:

- Attachment Archive (FileSystem) Agent
- Company Contacts
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