Cost structure
We charge according to daily rates, for larger projects a reduction of the rates is possible.
Generally, a fixed price that is transparent for both parties can also be agreed upon.

Cost allocation
Costs incurred in advance are initially offset and then credited again when the order is placed.

The 50:50 rule - our philosophy
If solutions to be created or add-ons to be integrated into standard products could also be useful for others,
we share 50 % of the resulting costs! Use the opportunity, so some advantages arise:

  • Solution to your problem/requirement
  • Implementation of the requirement in the standard solution
  • Optimization of the practical relevance
  • Emergence of a new standard solution
  • Value-Add is also useful for other users, in return you benefit from the Value-Adds of other customers

Requirements specification
The detailed preparation is done by the customer. Alternatively, we create the specification according to your wishes. (chargeable)

Placing orders and making appointments
Send orders signed by an authorized representative to us by mail or fax.
We handle orders on a first come, first served basis, specific appointments are made by appointment.