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Affiliate program

Find the right product partners.

Affiliate programs can help companies to acquire new customers via their website and to market their products more successfully. However, this is only successful if the program is optimally tailored to the product range of the respective website operator.

Visitors of a company homepage usually expect a serious company appearance. An advertising banner of a company completely unrelated to the industry, which can be switched by Google AdSense, for example, is perceived by most as annoying and often leads to the fact that the visitor leaves the page directly again.

Our "Product Partner" project is therefore designed to meet both your and our needs and requirements. The avoidance of product-remote advertising helps every web presence to achieve the desired respectability and also offers the opportunity to increase the company's presence.

Our product partnership includes:

  • the exchange of advertising banners and their appropriate placement
  • References to supplementary products, for example in own product descriptions
  • the announcement of product updates and new products, for example in news areas
  • Linking to a suitable reference page of the product partner
  • hidden links within the source code

How to become a product partner:
you offer solutions and services in the areas of Outlook, Exchange Server as well as Office 365 or Exchange Online or mobile communication or are you the operator of an Internet portal, blog or forum on this topic?

Then we will be happy to enter into a product partnership with you!

We look forward to working with you!