Archive2PST Agent

Archiving of any Exchange folders to Personal Folders (PSTs)
PST-based and also for users transparent way of archiving...

PST-based archiving is flexible and saves costs for server-side storage space. At least that is the theory behind it.

In practice, as is so often the case, things look different: Either you leave the precautionary measure to the users and get annoyed afterwards about problems with the access rights. Or you are constantly struggling with bulky command line tools like Exmerge.

With OLXArchive2PST Agent, you can finally breathe easy. The software enables transparent, server-side archiving of any public folders or Exchange mailboxes and can be set up quickly. The Archive2PST Agent also works completely client-independently and requires no server-side Outlook installation.

Transparent and uniform

Archive2PST Agent allows you to archive any Public Folder or Exchange Mailbox into Personal Folders (PST). It fully preserves the individual folder structure and creates Personal Folders automatically. The software notifies you in time when a Personal Folder to be monitored has reached a definable size limit.

Flexibly secured

Use the advantages of Personal Folders as a backup strategy: The Personal Folder has a higher flexibility in availability, can be integrated faster into the local Outlook clients if required or can be used e.g. via USB stick even on the road. Personal Folders have no connection to the server-side productive system and are therefore the perfect backup in case of failure.

Quickly exported

Export important ActiveDirectory information such as distribution lists or mailboxes to text files. This way you can restore them later as part of a full data recovery.

Complete and precise

You can't be more precise: the Archive2PST Agent generates a date suffix for each archiving job to ideally determine the time of the backup. In this way, Archive2PST Agent can be used to construct a complete filing system that guarantees uncomplicated user access to the archived entries.

Also supports Outlook Unicode folders

As a special feature, the Archive2PST Agent supports the Unicode version of the Personal Folder (only with Outlook 2003 installed), which is largely free of size restrictions, so that archiving large amounts of data in a Personal Folder is also effortless.

Arrange consultation

  • Archiving of any mailboxes and public folders
  • Archiving to Personal Folders
  • Fail-safe through personal folders
  • Automatic creation of the Personal Folders
  • Data export including AD information
  • Archiving jobs with automatic time stamp
  • Also supports Outlook 2003 Unicode folders ( 2GB)

  • and many more practical features...



✓ free trial versions
✓ free updates and support
✓ no maintenance fees
✓ 100% crediting of existing licenses

unlimited company license

Prices plus statutory VAT (net)

unlimited795 €


Type: Service/Service   

Installation: directly on Exchange or also on dedicated computer
NO client-side installation required!

MAPI variant (until Exchange 2013)
Digitally signed   

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3.303.2019Error-report-mail: Display whether MAPI or EWS
3.305.2019Check for new version can be disabled via registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OLXTools CheckforUpdates 0/1)
3.303.2019Check if new version is available (with display of version history and direct download option)
3.303.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-21 SecurityUpdate (KB4471389)
3.303.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-22 (KB4345836)
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3.211.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 October 2018 (KB4092477)
3.211.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-September 2018 (KB4092469)
3.211.2018Ready for Windows 10 version 1809 October 2018
3.109.2018Digital code signing (new certificate until 2021)
3.109.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-21 (KB4099855)
3.109.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU22 (KB4073537)
3.109.2018Ready for Outlook 2016 PU-July 2018 (KB4022230)
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3.005.2018ADPicker: Recipient selection also shows Exchange contacts
3.005.2018ADPicker: Filter option on names
3.005.2018Error report: product name in the subject of the mail
3.005.2018FolderPicker: Filter option on names
3.005.2018Impersonation: Extended message (reference to Powershell script)
3.008.2016Optimization AutoDiscover Cache [Error processing default folder of Mailbox [...]]
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-20 (KB4037224)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU20 (KB4073537)
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3.005.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-May 2018 (KB4018376)
3.005.2018Ready for Windows 10 version 1803 (KB4103721)
3.005.2018Fix: Failed to connect... Unauthorized [401] (Invalid username/password) (Reference to Powershell script)
2.704.2016Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-12
2.602.2016License check extended (logging of the current license...)
2.602.2016Ready for Exchange 2013 CU11
2.511.2015Deployment digital certificate
2.511.2015Digital code signing (certificate)
2.511.2015Installer: Current icons for stores and folders (picker + lists)
2.511.2015Log: Correct logging of the Windows version used
2.511.2015Folder picker: create new folders (and delete existing folders (after right-click in tree structure)
2.511.2015Folder picker: Folder home page definable per folder (after right click in tree structure)
2.511.2015Setup: Adaptation to Windows 8 / 10 / Server 2012 (grouping of shortcuts, manifest...)
2.511.2015Setup: Removing OLXCheckLf.exe and its shortcut (only for new installation)
2.511.2015Ready for Windows 10
2.511.2015Ready for Windows Server 2012 (R2)
2.511.2015Fix: Error: FolderWalkerRecursive.h:224: MAPI error: 80004005, Unknown error Failed to open folder:...
2.010.2013startable as console application (.exe -console -noscheduler)
2.010.2013Ready for latest MAPICDO version 6.5.8320
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2013
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2013 CU2 (KB2859928)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU1 (KB2803727)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU2 (KB2866475)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2007 SP3-RU10 (KB2788321)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2007 SP3-RU11 (KB2873746)
2.010.2013Ready for Windows Server 2012
2.010.2013Ready for Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
2.010.2013Fix: Error 'Uncought exception in OLXMAPIProfMan library'.
2.010.2013Fix: Empty OLXAgent error report mails of unavailable/resolvable folders/mailboxes (-> OLXUnresolved.txt) support of > 65.536 entries in Treeview (->alphabetic subgroups)

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