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ContactActivityCollector Agent

Company-wide transparency of contact activities...
Which activity took place with which contact, when and by whom?

The Achilles heel of a company manifests itself all too often in contact management. After all, successful customer care and acquisition depend on it. Anyone who has tried to effectively use the contact master across the company will soon have reached the limits of the Exchange server's own capabilities.

On the one hand, implementing a customer relationship management system is too expensive. On the other hand, alternative solutions such as Business Contact Manager are often simply impractical. However, are you tired of the system administrator waving the big budget hammer when describing higher demands on contact management? The OLXContactActivityCollector Agent closes this gap and represents an indispensable alternative for holistic business contact management.

All processes at a glance

The Contact Activity Collector Agent uses traditional Outlook elements such as the journal to bundle contact activities into a global and centrally held data pool. Has the customer already been called? Was a fax sent or an email sent? Are there any new tasks related to the contact? The Contact Activity Collector Agent registers each of these events and assigns them to the corresponding contact. You can view the bundled information directly from the corresponding tab in the contact form.

Easy Outlook integration

The Contact Activity Collector Agent does not require any change: You determine which activity is assigned to which contact folder or which contact containers are to be monitored/supplemented by which journal function. No user has to give up his usual way of working. The activities collected in Outlook are automatically transferred to the activity list and the original entry is attached.

The indispensable alternative

Under the claim of a company-wide, holistic business contact management, the fully automated system service combines journaling, monitoring and contact management. While most customer relationship solutions are either too expensive or lack technical transparency, the Contact Activity Collector Agent is characterized by two key features: Easy implementation and risk-free coexistence with your existing system environment.

Multilingual applicable

The Contact Activity Collector Agent can of course be used in multiple languages, adapts to your authorization conditions and is easy to administer thanks to a central troubleshooting notification function.

Arrange consultation

  • Bundle contact activities centrally
  • Have all operations in view
  • Fully integrated with Outlook
  • The real Business Contact Manager
  • Multilingual applicable
  • Transfer of the original symbols of the transferred entries
  • Journal-oriented transparency of all contact events
  • No client installation (server service)

  • and many more practical features...



✓ free trial versions
✓ free updates and support
✓ no maintenance fees
✓ 100% crediting of existing licenses

unlimited company license

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Type: Service/Service   

Installation: directly on Exchange or also on dedicated computer
NO client-side installation required!

MAPI variant (until Exchange 2013)
Digitally signed   

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3.010.2013Fix: Empty OLXAgent error report mails
2.107.2012List of unavailable/resolvable folders/mailboxes (-> OLXUnresolved.txt)

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