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Dialing marked phone numbers via AVM-Fritz!Box
You use an AVM-Fritz!Box and want to dial phone numbers directly from any application?

You use an AVM Fritz! Box and want to dial phone numbers directly from any application?

The compact freeware OLXDialIt is designed for just that. Quick and easy to install - you're ready to go!

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Type: CommandLine   
Setup: ZIP

Installation: client-side
digitally signed

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Fr. 21.06.2024 22:18
2.912.2021Ready for Outlook 2021 December 2021
2.912.2021Ready for Outlook 2019 December 2021
2.912.2021Ready for Outlook 2016 December 2021
2.912.2021Ready for Outlook 2013 December 2021
2.912.2021Ready for Windows 11 Version 21H2
2.912.2021Ready for Windows 10 Version 21H2
2.810.2021Log (Environment): Remove various log entries (MS-ExchangeServer: ??? | MS-MAPICDO: ??? | MS-Outlook: ??? )
2.810.2021Ready for AVM-FRITZ!OS 7.28
2.810.2021Ready for Windows 11
2.810.2021Ready for Windows 10 Version 21H1
2.708.2021Digital code signing (new certificate until 2024)
2.504.2021Advanced detection whether Outlook 2019
2.504.2021Ready for Outlook 2019 April 2021
2.504.2021Ready for Outlook 2016 April 2021
2.504.2021Ready for Outlook 2013 April 2021
2.504.2021Fix: All picker/selection dialogs: check and correct screen position (was sometimes displayed outside the screen and was not visible)
2.408.2019Adaptation to current AVM Fritz! boxes
2.408.2019Customization to ipworks16
2.408.2019AVM Fritz! Box: Adaptation to TR-064
2.408.2019AVM Fritz! Box: Command line parameters completely revised
2.408.2019AVM Fritz! Box: Test registration...
2.408.2019AVM Fritz! Box: Test Call Monitor...
2.408.2019AVM-Fritz!Box: Connect via phone: (available phones are loaded automatically)
2.408.2019AVM Fritz! Box: Dial dialog completely revised
2.303.2019Digital code signing (new certificate until 2021)
2.305.2019Check for new version can be disabled via registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OLXTools CheckforUpdates 0/1)
2.303.2019Check if new version is available (with display of version history and direct download option)
2.303.2019Ready for Windows 10 version 1803 (KB4103721)
2.102.2016Fix: UAC message at startup (-> Security manifest removed)
2.010.2015Ready for Office 365
2.010.2015Deployment digital certificate
2.010.2015Digital code signing (certificate)
2.010.2015Log: Determine & log the group memberships of the current user removed.
2.010.2015Log: Correct logging of the Windows version used
2.010.2015Ready for Windows 10
1.312.2014Call monitor (based on direct port monitoring of AVM Fritz!Box) definable
1.312.2014Call monitor: advanced logging
1.312.2014Call monitor: message window definable
1.211.2014Adaptation to AVM Fritz!Box from Fritz!OS 5.5 (changed login)
1.211.2014Optional dialing definable via external tool (e.g. Fritz!Box_WB.exe)

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