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FreeBusyRefresh Agent

Real-time update of server-side free/busy times.
Do you know this? Your free/busy times are not up to date on the server side?

The department manager invites to a meeting via a meeting request. The invited employees are available according to the Free/Busy agenda. Ten minutes later, another employee has the same flash of inspiration and invites the same colleagues to the identical meeting room at the same time. Since free/busy times are not updated until registration or commitment, there is no indication that the participants have already been assigned elsewhere. Chaos is pre-programmed.

The OLXFreeBusyRefresh Agent does not let it come so far: With the efficient, fully automatic real-time update, you keep track of your resource planning at all times. You determine which employees are included u the real-time updates or which user account is best suited for the administration of the agent (e.g. in case of delegation).

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  • Free/Busy finally just-in-time up to date
  • Update not only on commitment/registration/opening
  • Freely definable mailboxes
  • Time management of the modern kind
  • Optimally coordinate meeting requests
  • No client installation (server service)

  • and many more practical features...



✓ free trial versions
✓ free updates and support
✓ no maintenance fees
✓ 100% crediting of existing licenses

according to mailboxes to be processed

Prices plus statutory VAT (net)

LicensesPricePer license
1342 €342 €
2381 €190 €
3419 €139 €
4457 €114 €
5495 €99 €
6533 €88 €
7570 €81 €
8607 €75 €
9645 €71 €
10681 €68 €
11718 €65 €
12755 €62 €
13791 €60 €
14827 €59 €
15863 €57 €
16898 €56 €
17934 €54 €
18969 €53 €
191.004 €52 €
201.039 €51 €
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Type: Service/Service   

Installation: directly on Exchange
MAPI variant (until Exchange 2013)
Digitally signed   

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Mi. 21.02.2024 07:19
3.0 on test  Manifest (.exe) updated (permission problems like Access denied / Failed to open service manager / ...)
3.0 on test  Check if new version available COMPLETELY removed
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2019 CU-4 (KB4522149)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2019 CU-5 (KB4537677)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2019 CU-6 (KB4556415)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-14/15 SecurityUpdate (KB4536987)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-15 (KB4522150)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-16 (KB4537678)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-17 (KB4556414)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-18 (KB4571788)
3.0 on test  Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-23 SecurityUpdate (KB4536988)
3.0 on test  Ready for Windows SecurityUpdate (KB4520412) LDAP signing (ADV190023)
2.910.2019Ready for Exchange 2019 CU-2 (KB4488401)
2.910.2019Ready for Exchange 2019 CU-3 (KB4514141)
2.910.2019Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-13 (KB4488406)
2.910.2019Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-14 (KB4514140)
2.805.2019Check for new version can be disabled via registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OLXTools CheckforUpdates 0/1)
2.803.2019Check if new version is available (with display of version history and direct download option)
2.803.2019Ready for CVE-2018-8581 | Exchange Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability (DisableLoopbackCheck) [ONLY if directly on Exchange].
2.804.2019Ready for Exchange 2019 CU-1 SecurityUpdate (KB4487563)
2.804.2019Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-12 SecurityUpdate (KB4487563)
2.803.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-21 SecurityUpdate (KB4471389)
2.803.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-22 (KB4345836)
2.804.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-22 SecurityUpdate (KB4487563)
2.804.2019Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3 RU-27 (KB4491413)
2.803.2019Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU26 (KB4487052)
2.803.2019Ready for Outlook 2019 March 2019
2.803.2019Ready for Outlook 2016 March 2019 (KB4462196)
2.803.2019Ready for Outlook 2013 March 2019 (KB4462206)
2.609.2018Digital code signing (new certificate until 2021)
2.609.2018Ready for Exchange 2016 CU-10 (KB4099852)
2.609.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-21 (KB4099855)
2.609.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU22 (KB4073537)
2.609.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-July 2018 (KB4022242)
2.505.2018General: FolderPicker: Building of the list (insert) by factor 10-100x faster (-> especially with many mailboxes)
2.505.2018General: FolderPicker: Wait-Windows to show what is happening (-> especially with many mailboxes)
2.505.2018Adaptation for UNICODE processing...
2.505.2018Deployment digital certificate
2.505.2018Digital code signing (certificate)
2.505.2018Impersonation: Extended message (reference to Powershell script)
2.505.2018License check extended (logging of the current license...)
2.505.2018Log: Correct logging of the Windows version used
2.505.2018Log: Log SCPs / Autodiscover URLs
2.505.2018MailboxPicker: Display of the department (in addition to OU)
2.505.2018MailboxPicker: Filter option on names
2.505.2018Setup: Adaptation to Windows 8 / 10 / Server 2012 (grouping of shortcuts, manifest...)
2.511.2015Setup: Removing OLXCheckLf.exe and its shortcut (only for new installation)
2.505.2018Ready for Windows Server 2012 (R2)
2.505.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-20 (KB4037224)
2.505.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU20 (KB4073537)
2.505.2018Ready for Outlook 2016 PU-May 2018 (KB4018372)
2.505.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-May 2018 (KB4018376)
2.505.2018Fix: Failed to connect... Unauthorized [401] (Invalid username/password) (Reference to Powershell script)
2.010.2013AutoDiscover mapping for multiple servers
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2013
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2013 CU2 (KB2859928)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU1 (KB2803727)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU2 (KB2866475)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2007 SP3-RU10 (KB2788321)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2007 SP3-RU11 (KB2873746)
2.010.2013Ready for Windows Server 2012

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