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Generate 5 star reviews fully automatically in Outlook on all common platformsOLXReviews | Collect reviews directly in Outlook

Effortlessly collect reviews with the innovative OLX Reviews Plugin for Microsoft Outlook! - with just one click!
Effortlessly collect reviews from your customers for emails, calendar entries and other Outlook interactions with external participants - all with just one click! Enjoy seamless integration and automatic publishing of star ratings across multiple platforms to boost your online presence.

World first - collect ratings directly in Outlook

Your e-mail interactions with the customers and other external participants, appointments that were entered in the Outlook calendar, your own or shared folders with external e-mails - these are valuable interfaces where you can collect reviews from your customers directly in Outlook.

The publication on various evaluation platforms is automated and completely adapted to your needs.

The plugin OLX Reviews from Gangl.de is a brand new and exclusive product for all Outlook users. It enables complete automation of feedback management and revolutionizes the review process for everyone who uses Outlook daily in customer communication and interaction.

The setup works fast, individualized and is self-explanatory simple.

Automatically generate ratings

The OLX Reviews plugin is installed automatically with just one click in the Outlook menu bar. The corresponding icon appears right at the top of the menu bar and you have direct access to the plugin and can make adjustments in the settings. Reviews are generated automatically - according to your preferences.

Collect ratings

It's up to you - define your personal settings to automatically generate and collect ratings, right in your Outlook.

You have many options. For example:

  • Use entries from your calendar for the evaluation request. 
  • The OLX Reviews plugin sends an email with a rating request to existing customers or external participants who have already made an appointment with you. 
  • Likewise, you can define whether you want to collect ratings based on your sent email responses or from the emails received externally. 

All settings can be customized, combined and changed at any time.

The good thing about OLX Reviews plugin is - it runs automatically in the background. For this, you just need to start your Outlook. The reviews will be generated and published automatically. 

Publish reviews

With OLX Reviews Plugin you have the possibility to choose the review platforms that are relevant for your business. Your eKomi or Google Business Profile, Yelp or Trustpilot, BankingCheck or Tripadvisor - choose where and how many reviews you want to collect and publish. If a review platform relevant for your company is missing, it can be added on demand. 

"Your feedback is important to us"

It is up to you which e-mail you send to your customers. You can of course formulate a request to external participants to provide feedback freely or you can use the pre-installed text mask. Timing is critical to success in feedback management. The more promptly an evaluation request is sent, the higher the probability that an evaluation will be submitted. These settings, which can be made in the OLX Reviews plugin, are relevant for the positive feedback of your customers and thus for your good ranking on the rating platforms.

Frequency Capping

With OLX Reviews Plugin you can set frequency capping or frequency capping according to your needs. Too often sent email with a request to submit a review can have the opposite effect and customers can classify it as SPAM. OLX Reviews Plugin allows you to make this setting - frequency capping - on your own. Because only you know your customers best, only you know when and how often a request to provide feedback will be appropriate and effective.

Arrange consultation

The fully automated OLX Reviews plugin is compatible with all popular review platforms and offers a wide range of features to simplify the process of collecting customer reviews:

  1. Automated rating collection: Enables easy collection of ratings for emails, calendar entries, and other Outlook interactions with external participants.
  2. Compatibility with popular review platforms: Seamlessly integrate and automatically publish reviews to major review platforms, including Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and more.
  3. One-click rating requirements: Customers can submit reviews with just one click, making the process as simple and straightforward as possible for them.
  4. Customizable templates: Create custom assessment request templates tailored to your business and industry.
  5. Automated follow-up: Send automated reminders to customers who have not yet submitted a review to increase the chances of receiving feedback.
  6. Detailed statistics: Track the performance of your ratings, the number of ratings received, and the average rating to gain key insights and make improvements as needed.
  7. Privacy and compliance: The plugin complies with data protection regulations and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  8. Cross-platform reports: get aggregated reports of all the reviews you receive across platforms to have a complete picture of your online reputation.
  9. Ease of use: The plugin is easy to use and integrate into your existing Outlook environment, with no additional training required.




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✓ no maintenance fees
✓ 100% crediting of existing licenses

Annual license

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Workplace (without shared folders)499 €
unlimited (incl. shared folders)1.499 €
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Installation: client-side
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