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ChatGPT 3,5 & GPT 4 by OpenAI integrated in Microsoft Outlook immediately - Use the breathtaking possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) directly in your Microsoft Outlook! The OLX ChatGPT plugin gives you the exclusive opportunity to use OpenAI interfaces and ChatGPT directly from your Outlook. Let OLXChatGPT automatically reply to your emails, pre-word them, check spelling mistakes, translate them into other languages, improve your emails and much more.

Presentation of our Outlook plugin, OLXChatGPT - your personal email assistant!

OLXChatGPT is an innovative Outlook plugin that brings powerful ChatGPT technology directly to your inbox. With a wealth of features that will revolutionize your email communication, OLXChatGPT will quickly become your indispensable productivity assistant.

Main features of OLXChatGPT:

  1. Automatic email replies: Let OLXChatGPT do time-consuming email replies for you. Save time and effort in communication with intelligent, personalized responses.

  2. Grammar and spelling checker: Avoid typos and unpleasant spelling mistakes by letting OLXChatGPT check your emails for grammar and spelling. Always present yourself in a professional and error-free manner.

  3. Artificial Intelligence: Take advantage of AI-based ChatGPT technology to make your emails more efficient and effective.

  4. Easy to use: OLXChatGPT is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can start enjoying its benefits right away.

  5. Customizability: Adjust OLXChatGPT's settings to your individual needs to achieve the best possible email experience.

With OLXChatGPT you'll transform your Outlook inbox into a powerful communication center that will help you work in a more productive and organized way. Try OLXChatGPT today and experience the difference in your email communication!


What does AI, ChatGPT & OpenAI mean? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating field of research that focuses on giving machines and systems the ability to perform human-like intelligence and tasks. OpenAI, a renowned AI research company, is on the rise and aims to develop friendly AI technologies that benefit all of humanity. In this context, OpenAI has developed a revolutionary AI technology called ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, a breakthrough AI model from OpenAI, stands for "Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer." It is a sophisticated AI system that uses natural language processing (NLP) to conduct human-like conversations and help users accomplish various tasks. OpenAI has used its expertise in AI to continuously improve ChatGPT and has released several generations of ChatGPT models.

Thanks to AI development at OpenAI, ChatGPT can understand, summarize, generate and even provide human-like answers to complex texts. OpenAI and its AI innovations like ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionize many industries and sectors by providing AI-powered solutions and tools that increase productivity and change the way humans and AI work together.

In summary, OpenAI's ChatGPT technology demonstrates how powerful AI can be when carefully developed and deployed. ChatGPT, the product of OpenAI's AI research, is an impressive example of how far AI has come in the field of natural language processing and human-like communication. The future of AI, especially in the area of chat technology like ChatGPT, appears to be secure and promising in the hands of organizations like OpenAI.

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  • Smart email composition: assist with email wording by making suggestions and auto-completing sentences based on context and previous emails.
  • Email summaries: Automatically create short summaries for long emails to enable quick content review.

  • Automatic translation: Instant translation of emails into other languages to facilitate communication with international partners.

  • Sentiment Analysis: (Coming soon) Detect the sentiment in emails to avoid possible misunderstandings and conflicts.

    Contextual reminders: (Coming soon) Creation of reminders and to-do lists based on email content and integration with Outlook calendar.

  • Email prioritization: (Coming soon) Identify and highlight important emails based on content and senders.

  • Scheduling Wizard: (Coming soon) Suggest suitable dates and times for meetings based on attendee availability and previous preferences.


    Automated responses: Suggestions for quick, personalized responses to frequently asked questions or standard queries.

  • Knowledge Base: (Coming soon) Access an extensive knowledge base to find answers to general or technical questions asked in emails.

  • Voice Control: (Coming soon) Control Outlook functions and commands via voice input to increase productivity and improve the user experience.

  • Privacy and security: Ensure compliance with privacy and security requirements when using the ChatGPT plugin in Outlook.




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✓ 100% crediting of existing licenses

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Workplace (without shared folders)199 €
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