Version History Archive2PST Agent

Fr. 21.06.2024 22:18
3.303.2019Error-report-mail: Display whether MAPI or EWS
3.305.2019Check for new version can be disabled via registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OLXTools CheckforUpdates 0/1)
3.303.2019Check if new version is available (with display of version history and direct download option)
3.303.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-21 SecurityUpdate (KB4471389)
3.303.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-22 (KB4345836)
3.304.2019Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-22 SecurityUpdate (KB4487563)
3.304.2019Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3 RU-27 (KB4491413)
3.303.2019Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU26 (KB4487052)
3.303.2019Ready for Outlook 2016 March 2019 (KB4462196)
3.303.2019Ready for Outlook 2013 March 2019 (KB4462206)
3.303.2019Ready for Outlook 2010 March 2019 (KB4462229)
3.211.2018Ready for Outlook 2016 October 2018 (KB4461440)
3.211.2018Ready for Outlook 2016 PU-September 2018 (KB4092462)
3.211.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 October 2018 (KB4092477)
3.211.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-September 2018 (KB4092469)
3.211.2018Ready for Windows 10 version 1809 October 2018
3.109.2018Digital code signing (new certificate until 2021)
3.109.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-21 (KB4099855)
3.109.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU22 (KB4073537)
3.109.2018Ready for Outlook 2016 PU-July 2018 (KB4022230)
3.109.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-July 2018 (KB4022242)
3.109.2018Ready for Windows 10 version 1803 July 2018 (KB4340917)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-15 (KB3197044)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-16 (KB4012112)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-17 (KB3197044)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU16 (KB3184730)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU17 (KB4011326)
3.005.2018Ready for Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 (KB4022716)
3.005.2018ADPicker: Recipient selection also shows Exchange contacts
3.005.2018ADPicker: Filter option on names
3.005.2018Error report: product name in the subject of the mail
3.005.2018FolderPicker: Filter option on names
3.005.2018Impersonation: Extended message (reference to Powershell script)
3.008.2016Optimization AutoDiscover Cache [Error processing default folder of Mailbox [...]]
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-20 (KB4037224)
3.005.2018Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU20 (KB4073537)
3.005.2018Ready for Outlook 2016 PU-May 2018 (KB4018372)
3.005.2018Ready for Outlook 2013 PU-May 2018 (KB4018376)
3.005.2018Ready for Windows 10 version 1803 (KB4103721)
3.005.2018Fix: Failed to connect... Unauthorized [401] (Invalid username/password) (Reference to Powershell script)
2.704.2016Ready for Exchange 2013 CU-12
2.602.2016License check extended (logging of the current license...)
2.602.2016Ready for Exchange 2013 CU11
2.511.2015Deployment digital certificate
2.511.2015Digital code signing (certificate)
2.511.2015Installer: Current icons for stores and folders (picker + lists)
2.511.2015Log: Correct logging of the Windows version used
2.511.2015Folder picker: create new folders (and delete existing folders (after right-click in tree structure)
2.511.2015Folder picker: Folder home page definable per folder (after right click in tree structure)
2.511.2015Setup: Adaptation to Windows 8 / 10 / Server 2012 (grouping of shortcuts, manifest...)
2.511.2015Setup: Removing OLXCheckLf.exe and its shortcut (only for new installation)
2.511.2015Ready for Windows 10
2.511.2015Ready for Windows Server 2012 (R2)
2.511.2015Fix: Error: FolderWalkerRecursive.h:224: MAPI error: 80004005, Unknown error Failed to open folder:...
2.010.2013startable as console application (.exe -console -noscheduler)
2.010.2013Ready for latest MAPICDO version 6.5.8320
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2013
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2013 CU2 (KB2859928)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU1 (KB2803727)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2010 SP3-RU2 (KB2866475)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2007 SP3-RU10 (KB2788321)
2.010.2013Ready for Exchange 2007 SP3-RU11 (KB2873746)
2.010.2013Ready for Windows Server 2012
2.010.2013Ready for Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
2.010.2013Fix: Error 'Uncought exception in OLXMAPIProfMan library'.
2.010.2013Fix: Empty OLXAgent error report mails of unavailable/resolvable folders/mailboxes (-> OLXUnresolved.txt) support of > 65.536 entries in Treeview (->alphabetic subgroups)